Introducing the Suction DEPDS™ Lower Denture

Suction DEPDS™are designed on a very personalized level with a focus on retention. The advanced procedures and construction of these dentures will work more efficiently with cheek, tongue and floor of mouth movement to improving stability. 

Suction DEPDS™ require a number of additional steps to achieve the desired outcome:

  • Revolutionary new impression technique using high definition material to record range of muscle movement through cheek, tongue and floor of mouth.
  • Adjustable Ivoclar articulator with facebow measurements to simulate your natural jaw movements.
  • Redefined lingual denture contouring to work more efficiently, improving stability. 

No two patients are alike, there are many aspects to be considered when creating a new look that is truly your own.

We use tooth lines from Germany, Holland, UK, USA, and Switzerland to name a few. With quality names like Vita, Polychrome, Ivoclar, and Dentsply Trubyte, dentures look healthy and natural. This broad selection provides patients an enhanced opportunity to create their own unique smile. 

Who will this work for?

Almost everyone is a candidate for the Suction DEPDS™ lower denture. The success rate will vary with some patient’s achieving better suction then others depending on the anatomy present. Even patients with minimal amount of ridge can benefit from this type of technique as the enhanced procedures capture available functional anatomy for improved fit.