Denture Clinic Supports CIBC Run for the Cure 2016


Denture Clinic Supports CIBC Run for the Cure 2016

As a chance to recognize those touched by cancer and share our passion for the community of Nanaimo, our team had the opportunity to volunteer at the CIBC Run for the Cure this year. On October 2 we were part of the over one hundred thousand people who came together in communities across Canada to support a shared vision of a future without breast cancer. Along with a group of foreign exchange students and a couple verterans of the fundrraiser, Barry, Frank, Sandy and I, had the privilege of providing encouragement to the many participants. The wonderful community of Nanaimo produced runners and walkers of all ages and abilities all showing their dedication to this cause.Cowbells away!





 It is a sad and somber truth that cancer is responsible for 30% of deaths in Canada; primarily affecting Canadians aged 50 and older according to trends seen by the. Most lives have been touched by cancer in some way be it a family member, friend or acquaintance. It is difficult to know how to offer support to the people in your life dealing with the disease themselve or how to support a friend battling the truth that someone dear to them may no longer be a part of their lives. Perhaps one of the hardest things for us on the outside looking in is remaining genuine to the relationship. How does one actually offer support that provides any real relief in these situations? We must ask ourselves, if we offer help are we prepared to follow through with what is needed. Are we prepared to be honest with each other as well as ourselves? There simply are no platitudes or well intentioned comments that can make this disease any less devastating. We appreciate the person for who they are, as they are now, not because they have cancer or are about to loose someone to cancer. We can honor them with our actions, not just our words, in the present and moving forward. It was an inspiration to see the out pouring of participants and volunteers that attended the Run for the Cure this year all honoring someone, all hopeful that there is a future without this disease.


Reception of the Smile Essentials Denture Clinic

One of the many batches of participants ready for some water.

Water is poured, we are ready!Sandy forgot to say cheese.Barry Lewis all smiles.